Summer Interest Groups

Home Groups break for the summer and in their place we offer Summer Interest Groups (SIGs) — a wide variety of groups that meet during the summer and create community around shared interests. SIGs offer a great way to reach out to the community and make new friends.

Summer Interest Groups 2023

Our Summer Interest Groups for 2023 are now over but will be back in Summer 2024. Look for new groups to be starting in June 2024. Our Summer Interest Group Expo will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2024 where we'll introduce the groups for Summer 2024.

Here are the groups we offered in Summer 2023:
Bible Stud-y
Birds and Nature
Bored Gamers
Bump, Set, Spike
Couple Communication Program
Craft and Kick Back
Disc Golf
Divided Kingdom: The End of the American World Order
Foglight (Golf)
Family Summer Serve
Fruit of the Vine
High-Minded Cocktails
Holy Smokin' BBQ
Home Decor & More
Hosting A Feast: Food & Fellowship
Let The Little Plants Come To Me...
Little Adventures
Outdoor Films & Fellowship
Pick Up Basketball
Pool Parties
Pool & Porch Fridays
Praying Powerful Prayers
Skill Building 101
Spoken Word
Street Hockey
Summer Eating Adventures
Table Tennis
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Ultimate Frisbee
Women's Book Club
Women's Summer Bible Study

Childcare For Summer Interest Groups

To make Summer Interest Groups available for families, PCC is able to offer childcare on pre-selected dates for children 3 months - 11 years. (Check group information for availability and note that some groups meet more often than childcare is available.)
Prior to the start of your first meeting, please register your child(ren) so we can have the appropriate number of workers. There is a flat fee of $60/family for childcare regardless of the number of kids you register. This covers all the childcare for that weekly time slot (coming soon). (If you sign-up for groups that meet on different days of the week, please register and pay for each day separately). Payment can be completed online or using a green envelope.
Visitor Policy: Visitors are always welcome to join groups at any time during the summer. Please contact the Children's Ministry Director (, if you plan on trying a SIG and would like to utilize childcare for that event. After the first visit, please register and pay for childcare for the particular day the SIG meets.
The parent or guardian bringing the child(ren) must be attending a Summer Interest Group while the child is in care. Parents and children must abide by all of the Children's Ministry policies for wellness and behavior.
If you have any questions about childcare, please contact PCC Children's Ministry Director (

Offsite Childcare Policy
Summer Interest Groups may provide off-site babysitting arranged by the host, and families using the babysitting services will be asked to contribute to the cost. Off-site childcare is not arranged by PCC and therefore not subject to PCC's childcare policy.

We understand that the expense of childcare can be a deterrent to joining and participating in a group. Because we are committed to reducing the obstacles facing people attempting to get into community, the church reimburses its groups at a predetermined rate for their childcare expenses.
  1. Childcare reimbursements are for the group meetings only (doesn’t include parties, social events, or outreach).
  2. Please complete one form per group meeting. 
  3. Each form must be submitted within thirty (30) days following the group meeting. 
  4. Summer Interest Group Leaders or Hosts are reimbursed at a set rate for the total cost of babysitting (see below for rates) - 2 hour maximum per event. 
  5. Weekly submissions will be collected and totaled each month. Reimbursement checks are issued and mailed at the end of each month.

Peninsula Community Chapel now offers childcare reimbursements via our online form.
Reimbursement Chart for Off-site Childcare Reimbursements 

Please contact Becki Peek, PCC's Business Administrator, if you have any questions regarding reimbursements.