Event Support

We want our building to be used in the life and ministries of PCC, for Summit Christian Academy, and in the life of our community and other non-profits who align with the mission of PCC. Please utilize this page as needed, whether you're a Member of PCC, a PCC Ministry Leader, or a representative of a local organization (all referred to as the "User" in the sections below). All related policies, steps, fees, and general information should be available in the sections below. If you have any questions, please contact the PCC Office.

Event Eligibility & Availability

When planning your event, please contact the PCC Office to find out if you're able to have your event at PCC. Are you eligible to use the PCC Facilities? If yes, are the date(s) you're considering available on the PCC calendar? During this time, the office staff may be able to tentatively put a placeholder on the PCC calendar, however this does not count as a reservation. Events are often scheduled 6 months in advance or more, so we encourage you to begin this process as soon as possible. Some helpful documents in this process include:
  • PCC Facilities Use Policy (click to access PDF): This policy is what every User of PCC must abide and adhere to.
  • PCC Wedding Guide (click to access PDF): This policy outlines wedding-specific guidelines to help you with your wedding planning process.
  • PCC Room Locator Map (click to access PDF): This is helpful to orient yourself with the PCC Facilities when requesting rooms. 

Event Details & Fees

If the event request is eligible and available, these next steps will take place:
  • PCC Facilities Request Form (click to access): The User must fill this out to provide all event-specific details. When this form is approved, the reservation is placed and approved on the PCC Calendar, with the assumption that the next steps are completed in a reasonable amount of time.
  • PCC Building Usage Fees (click to access PDF): This policy outlines what fees will be due, dependent on the reservation scope and details. 50% of the total fees will be due at the time of approval, however the User may choose to pay to entire total due at that time. An invoice will be sent to the User upon approval of the request.
  • Pay Building Usage Fees (click to access): Please use this link to pay any fees that are due, or a check may be dropped off at the PCC Office.
  • Contact by PCC Facilities & Event Staff: During this time, PCC Facilities & Event staff will be in touch with the User to determine event-specific details, what PCC will be providing for support, and what the User will be providing.
  • PCC Facilities License Agreement: This agreement will be filled out by a PCC Staff member with the specific details from the Facilities Request Form, and sent to the User for signing, binding PCC and the User to a legal agreement of the PCC Facilities Use Policy. This license agreement is required for any event or organization requiring General Liability Insurance.
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI): The User will need to provide proof of General Liability Insurance for their event, if applicable.

Childcare & Communications Support

If your event is for a PCC Ministry or Event, you may utilize the electronic request forms below for requesting Communications and Childcare support.

Other Facilities Support