Strategic Plan

A Five-Year Strategic Plan of Ministry for 2021-2025

Peninsula Community Chapel

Plans to Increase Your Joy

Our strategic plan isn’t the result of direct revelation from God. It’s not an attempt at ‘name it, claim it’ nor is it an expression of self-confidence. It is a statement of what the Chapel elders believe God has called us to do in the days ahead. These are things we know we can’t accomplish in our own strength. These are prayer targets. They serve to coordinate the efforts of leaders at all levels. As you and/or the ministry team you serve on seek direction, these plans offer a framework. May the vision captured in these plans increase your joy as you give of your time and resources.

Psalm 44:1-8 gives us two reasons for setting out our plan: trust and thanksgiving. We are called to trust the God we see working in history, both in biblical times and in our day. We rely on His strength, His presence and His heart. Setting goals brings focus to that for which we trust Him.

                     In God, we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever. — Psalm 44:8

Did you catch that? We won’t just give thanks in 2025. We’ll forever be giving thanks for what He did between 2021 and 2025.

Aware of our weakness but by His strength, the Chapel elders invite you to embrace this strategic plan along with us.

Strategic Goals

  • To take steps to help our church family find increased joy in the Lord through gathered worship by singing more confidently and by making participation a priority. 
  • To see the preaching of God’s Word continue to impact people and reverberate throughout the congregation after the Sunday morning worship service.
  • To lead our gathered worship in a way that reflects the whole range of human emotion including songs of lament alongside songs of joyful thanksgiving.
  • To provide more teaching and training on how to interact with the Lord through the grace-fueled practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • To keep worship services accessible to those who are homebound via technology while also welcoming the vast majority of our church body back to fully engage with the Lord through in-person participation.

2.   DISCIPLING: Develop a stronger discipleship culture at the chapel
  • Evangelism
    • To welcome more seekers and non-Christians regularly to PCC on Sunday mornings
    • To encourage and assist regular attenders and members in inviting friends and neighbors to church
    • To provide regular training on how to share the Gospel and resources that help initiate spiritual conversations with friends and neighbors
    • To see a greater number of adult conversions and professions of faith in Christ through baptism
  • Discipling Relationships
    • To see 50% of our regular attenders engaged in discipling relationships
    • To see 75% of our church members engaged in discipling relationships
    • To see the number of Home Groups grow from 21 to 26:
      • 2021 (22 groups), 2022 (23), 2023 (24), 2024 (25), and 2025 (26)

  • To see members of Home Groups provide practical assistance to one another through difficult times
  • To have members of the church and elders make use of their shepherding groups as a resource 
  • To continue to provide practical assistance to those in need in the church body through the Men’s and Women’s Ministries 
  • To develop and train a team of men and women to provide practical soul care to others in need within the church body
  • To have the Caring Well Team continue to help us evaluate and refine policies, practices, and culture at the church in order to help us prevent abuse and improve in how we respond to it
  • To provide safe and affordable childcare in order to make it easier for those with young children to get involved in Home Groups
  • To equip the church body in how to provide wise and loving biblical counsel to one another
  • To provide increased support and encouragement to families that are engaged in the adoption/foster-care process 
  • To provide increased support and encouragement to blended families in our church body.

  • To increase our regular Sunday attendance from 523 (pre-COVID)/344 (post-COVID) people a Sunday in 2020 to 650 people in 2025
    • We would pursue the following incremental growth goals: 2021 (450), 2022 (530), 2023 (560), 2024 (600), and 2025 (650)
  • To grow the number of church members from 207 to 275
    • We would pursue the following incremental growth goals: 2021 (220), 2022 (230), 2023 (245), 2024 (260), and 2025 (275)
  • To help each believer at PCC to view themselves as someone who has been sent by God to live on mission wherever He has them
  • To warmly welcome new guests to the Chapel in both structured and organic ways
  • To see church planting and church revitalization take root in the hearts and minds of the PCC body through teaching, training, and opportunities to support church plants/revitalizations
  • To take new steps in active (Ex. election day coffee/donuts) and passive (Ex. creative advertising on social media and in community newsletters) outreach to the community
  • To open our facility to host and bless local organizations that offer helpful services to the community
  • To identify and pursue next steps of building expansion to support the ministry of the church and Summit Christian Academy

  • To preach, teach, and put into practice steps of racial reconciliation 
  • To pray for our church body, staff, and leadership to better reflect the diversity of the Peninsula and to take new steps in that pursuit 
  • To pray regularly for God to help us grow in ethnic and socio-economic diversity 
  • To learn more regularly from diverse voices in the books we read, podcasts we listen to, and guest preachers/speakers we invite to the Chapel  
  • To build cross-cultural bridges and partnerships with other churches and ministries
  • To provide financial and prayer support to people who are pursuing theological training so that they can plant or serve multi-ethnic churches  
  • To be a more welcoming place to people from all cultures and backgrounds 
  • To strengthen our bonds with sister churches in the Consortium and with other churches on the Peninsula through cooperative kingdom building initiatives

  • To increasingly partner in practical ways with local ministries like Peninsula CareNet, Peninsula Rescue Mission, Newsome Bailey Project, Serve the City - Peninsula, Lackey Free Clinic, THRIVE Peninsula, etc. 
  • To explore ways to get involved with prison ministry through organizations like Prison Fellowship and to see God raise up a champion for such a ministry  
  • To partner together with other like-minded churches for Peninsula-serving events

  • To prepare and send out new Primary Global Ministry Partners to one of our adopted people groups 
  • To affirm and support new Associate Global Ministry Partners who are engaged in valuable Gospel ministry 
  • To support, encourage, and receive well those Global Ministry Partners who return from the field 
  • To mobilize more people from our church body to pursue opportunities overseas through their vocation to help spread the Gospel to all nations 
    • Provide annual opportunities to learn about how job skills could be used overseas in strategic ways
  • To pray for God to bring local international friends to saving faith in Jesus Christ and to welcome them to plug in to PCC
    • To develop a Home Group intentionally geared towards local internationals
  • To send ten people to explore or prepare for global ministry through STINTs (short-term internships)
  • To mobilize those who are new to the Chapel to engage in God’s global mission by sending them on short-term trips with our Global Ministry Partners
  • To recruit other churches to join us in adopting one of our three strategic people groups
  • To maintain and strengthen cross-cultural partnerships with Shinshu Community Church in Japan and Karen Community Church in Kenya
  • To celebrate what God has done across the globe through PCC by hosting a Homecoming Global Ministry Conference as part of our 40th Anniversary in 2023
  • To increase the average participation in global prayer times from 8 people to 15 people each month
  • To help coordinate and host a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course in 2024
  • To increase our engagement with local refugees and new Americans 
  • To explore whether the Lord is calling us to adopt another strategic unreached people group

  • To see God’s Word remain at the center of all of PCC’s ministries 
  • To offer trainings in how to study the Bible and teach the Bible to others
  • To provide Discipleship classes that cover a wide-range of strategic felt needs among our body by helping people to apply all of God’s Word to all of life
  • To mobilize 20 percent of our Sunday morning adult attendees to participate regularly in Discipleship classes
  • To provide sermon series’, studies, and trainings that help people apply the Bible to the pressing and challenging topics of our day including: Justice, Wealth and Possessions, Racial Reconciliation, Bioethical Issues, Sexual Ethics, Gender and Gender Roles, Politics, Work and Rest, Art and Entertainment, Social Media and Technology, Marriage, Singleness, Parenting, Apologetics, Conflict Resolution, Emotional and Mental Health, and Suffering

  • To give a greater platform to our prayer ministry and recruit more people to participate in it 
  • To increase participation in our Tuesday AM prayer meeting from 8 to 20 people
  • To resume Sunday morning prayer for our gathered worship and ministries and increase participation from 4 to 10 people
  • To increase the amount of time we spend in prayer together during the gathered worship service

  • To pay off 50% of the remaining $2,059,288 of mortgage debt (as of January, 2021) by paying $200,000 in principal each year
  • To preach about money, giving, and generosity on a biennial basis (every other year)   
  • To provide training on biblical money management principles yearly 

  • To develop an aesthetic in the PCC KidzMin areas that is welcoming to new guests and promotes PCC’s mission in a way that engages the hearts and minds of children
  • To develop and implement a plan for the facility that will enable more children to participate in KidzMin
  • To develop a kids discipleship cohort program where parents commit their kids to come to the same hour with a few other kids committed to that same time in order to help the kids partner together 
  • To strengthen our teacher training for KidzMin volunteers 
  • To recruit a greater number of volunteers to volunteer more than once a month in the same area 
  • To increase volunteer engagement where the whole church views children’s ministry as their ministry

  • To strengthen the partnership between PCC and Summit by co-hosting events and sharing resources 
  • To assist Summit Christian Academy in pursuing healthy numerical growth 
  • To see Summit Christian Academy continue to improve the robust classical Christian education they offer
  • To develop a more strategic partnership between Summit and PCC regarding cross-cultural Global Ministry and God’s plan for the nations 
  • To recruit more gifted PCCers to serve Summit in various ways including as staff, faculty, volunteers, and board members

  • To continue to develop and raise up a new generation of leaders for the various ministries of PCC
  • To help retired baby boomers stay engaged in ministry by serving in leadership and volunteer positions and also by discipling/mentoring younger people who serve in similar areas
  • To provide at least one open-to-all training on leadership each year
  • To provide Home Group Leader Training (HGLT) to 6-7 men each year
  • To provide Bible Study Leader Training (BSaLT) to 9-10 women each year
  • To increase elder visibility in the life of the church
  • To grow the Board of Elders in size (from 5 to 7-9)
  • To strengthen a Gospel-based culture among church staff and ministry leaders

  • To recruit a stable cohort of 6-8 Fellows each year
  • To transition the Director of Fellows position from Mark Shaw to Tom Kenney in a smooth and orderly manner in the Fall of 2021
  • To identify, recruit, and train a new Director for Fellows to take the reins from Tom in 2025
  • To develop the program to the point where it becomes a catalyst for a passionately involved group of fifty 20-somethings at PCC

  • To launch a fully sustainable college ministry church-parachurch partnership 
  • To increase ties with existing campus ministries in the area and provide practical support to them 
  • To see a greater number of local college students using their gifts to serve at PCC
  • To equip and encourage college students in their faith through programs and resources provided by the VIA Forum (The River blogazine, The Vault, Veritas Forum, Academy) 

  • To build such healthy and strong bonds with graduates, that an increasing number return to serve as leaders in discipling younger teens 
  • To increase engagement of students in small groups with committed and faithful adult volunteer leaders  
  • To grow the Middle School ministry in stability and strength. 
  • To increase Sunday evening participation for 6-12th graders from 70 to 120

  • To multiply the number of available Men’s small groups from 6 to 18.
    • 2021 (8); 2022 (10); 2023 (12); 2024 (15); 2025 (18)
  • To build a culture of discipleship where men eagerly pursue discipling relationships with each other 
  • To build bonds with other Consortium churches by cooperating on retreats and other events 
  • To recruit or develop a new staff member or committed lay leader to devote more time and attention to Men’s Ministry oversight 

  • To continue to build a culture of discipleship where women eagerly pursue discipling relationships with each other  
  • To provide a variety of events and seminars that meet women where they are at and are welcoming to non-Christians  
  • To encourage intergenerational relationships between women in various ages and stages of life 
  • To provide more training in Biblical Counseling to female staff members
  • To grow the number of Women’s Bible Studies from 4 to 6 a semester 
  • To encourage the development of more in-house Bible studies