Home Groups

PCC Home Groups

A PCC home group is a small group of adults who gather weekly to study, encourage each other and work towards spreading God’s fame locally and globally. Group leaders have proven themselves as men who love God and are committed to His people, and they use an inductive, discussion-based approach to Bible study. Guests are always welcome!

Home Groups take a break over the summer and (re)form in September each year.

Home Group Childcare

Onsite Home Group Childcare Policy

PCC provides on-site childcare for evening home groups. This is available for those home groups that meet at PCC as well as a drop-off site for those meeting at other home groups in the vicinity. Home group leaders with groups meeting on-site need to submit their schedules to the Childcare Coordinator at the beginning of each semester. If any changes in the schedule occur, they need to contact the Childcare Coordinator as soon as possible. Leaders will be notified if childcare is unavailable for any session. PCC reserves the right to cancel childcare and leaders will be contacted (ex. inclement weather, workers unavailable, building issues)

General Info

Childcare will be offered for children ages 3 months to 11 years old and hours will be 5:45 - 8:15 PM. All children MUST be picked up by 8:15 PM. Children will be in age-appropriate classrooms with games, videos and activities.


The fee for childcare will be $40/child with a max of $60/family each semester. The fee helps off-set childcare costs but does not fully fund the program so donations are also welcome. Please note the children must be registered and childcare paid for prior to attending so that we can have the appropriate number of workers. The registration fee is not due until the family has committed to a specific home group.


Children must be registered at the beginning of each semester. New members can be added at any time but families must contact the Director of Children's Ministry prior to attending to ensure availability. Register for childcare here. 

Parents / Guardians

The parent or guardian bringing the child(ren) must be attending a home group while the child is in care. Parents must provide proper contact information while the child is in care. If sufficient workers are not available to cover the amount of children present, parents will be asked to rotate in to assist in the childcare rooms. Children cannot be left unattended at PCC while a parent or guardian attends a home group; each child must be registered for childcare or signed up to volunteer as a helper. Parents and children must abide by all of PCC Children's Ministry policies for wellness and behavior.


If the cost of childcare prevents a family from attending home group, please contact the Director of Children's Ministry or Chapel office for scholarship information.

Offsite Childcare Policy

Home groups may provide off-site babysitting arranged by the host, and families using the babysitting services will be asked to contribute to the cost. Off-site childcare is not arranged by PCC and therefore not subject to PCC's childcare policy.

We understand that the expense of childcare can be a deterrent to joining and participating in a community group. Because we are committed to reducing the obstacles facing people attempting to get into community, the church reimburses its home groups at a predetermined rate for their childcare expenses.
  1. Childcare reimbursements are for home group meetings only (doesn’t include parties, social events, or outreach).
  2. Please complete one form per home group meeting. 
  3. Each form must be submitted within thirty (30) days following the group meeting. 
  4. Home Group Leaders or Hosts are reimbursed at a set rate for the total cost of babysitting (see below for rates) - 2 hour maximum per event. 
  5. Weekly submissions will be collected and totaled each month. Reimbursement checks are issued and mailed at the end of each month.

Peninsula Community Chapel now offers childcare reimbursements via our online form.
Reimbursement Chart for Off-site Childcare Reimbursements

Please contact Becki Peek, PCC's Business Administrator, if you have any questions regarding reimbursements.