Mission & Vision

Making Disciples Who Know His Joy and Change His World

God is fulfilling His purposes in history: bringing glory to Himself through the work of Christ on the cross as the Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of men and women from all people groups. The work of Christ is to change man’s heart, so that what he once ran from now becomes his greatest treasure and pleasure—God Himself. What a thrill to experience such delights and to share the source at home and around the world. 

Where We Are Going

The Gospel gives us dreams. Dreams of the curse of sin reversed, God's reign covering the earth and bringing the human flourishing only He can provide. We've found that the most engaging dreams are ones He has already begun to accomplish in and through us. We look to Him to let us continue expanding both children’s and student ministries.

Globally we are partnering with a church in Myoto, Japan and one in Nairobi, Kenya, to reach people groups in Kenya, Central Asia and East Asia. 

Prayer & Action Goals

Paul makes it clear that churches will have “good purposes” — they will have goals. They are goals that can only come about as God’s people identify what He is calling them to strive for and trust Him to fulfill. At the Chapel our team of elders leads by carefully and prayerfully setting long-range and annual goals. Our annual Prayer & Action Goals don’t describe everything we will do in the coming year. Rather they identify areas that are in some way broken and need to be fixed or areas in which God is on the move and He would have us build upon what He is doing.

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