Church Membership at PCC

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to view membership in a local church. One is to view it as a motivational tool. Many churches encourage relatively new folks (2-4 weeks) to become members. Such a commitment can be motivational as the new member thinks, "Now that I'm a member, I really should consider serving in a particular ministry of the church." This approach offers the new person a quick sense of official identification with the church. It also provides a way to "qualify" people for ministry roles (choir, teaching, coordinating events, etc.). It can, however, result in decision-making by people who are not adequately aware of or committed to the church's philosophy of ministry.

For this reason the Chapel has chosen to adopt an alternative view of membership. Rather than motivating for ministry, we view membership as an added step of responsibility for those who are already motivated and have been serving in various capacities for some time (usually 6 months or more). There is no membership qualification for serving in most Chapel ministries. Only elders, deacons, home group leaders and staff are required to be members. This approach results in a membership that is committed to the Chapel's doctrinal statement and philosophy of ministry (small groups, global ministry, local evangelism, etc.). Six or more months of participation allows the prospective member to know if this is where the Lord can minister to and through him. He has, hopefully, gained a realistic picture of the Chapel and is called to be part of the solution.

Prayerfully consider what God would have you do concerning membership. If you would like to join, the steps are:

  1. Carefully read the Constitution & Bylaws and our Annual Prayer & Action Goals.
  2. Participate in the next membership interest class. Registration for the next class is here.
  3. Complete and submit the membership application: online form or downloadable pdf form.
  4. An elder will meet with you and discuss the application, our philosophy of ministry and where you may wish to serve.
  5. Sign the members covenant.

The members of the Chapel meet quarterly. Most meetings include a small group input session which is highly valued by our elder board. Since we are an elder-ruled congregation, these meetings are not decision-making events.

For more information, contact the church office

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