The Next 40 Capital Campaign

One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. - Psalm 145:4

From the Pastor's Desk

Dear Chapel Family and Friends,
God has provided our church with an amazing opportunity. In 2023 we celebrated forty years of making disciples who know His joy and change His world. In addition to rejoicing over what God has done, we have also been looking forward to what he will do over the next forty years. It is my joy to announce the launch of a special capital campaign focused on transforming the lives of the next generation through an exciting expansion to our building.

A desire to reach the next generation with the Gospel has always been a central focus of our church. God has blessed our efforts but youth today are facing unique challenges. In Jim Davis and Michael Graham’s recent book The Great Dechurching, they make the case that “we are currently experiencing the largest and fastest religious shift in US history. It is greater than the First and Second Great Awakening and every revival in our country combined… but in the opposite direction.” In other words, over the past twenty years, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of people attending church and a marked increase, especially among younger generations, of people who claim no religious affiliation.

And yet, by God’s grace, our church is growing and young men and women are coming to faith and maturing in their walks with the Lord through our ministry to children and youth. We want to see this continue. Please prayerfully consider joining us in this campaign so that our building can facilitate strategic ministry that will continue to make disciples for generations to come.

May God bless you abundantly as you consider joining us in this significant venture.

In Christ,
Garrett Spitz
Lead Pastor
Peninsula Community Chapel

What God Is Doing

Our church is growing

The growth is happening among every age demographic and contributing to a rich intergenerational diversity for our church. At the same time, we are experiencing especially significant growth in our youth ministry. God has blessed us with a great team of staff and volunteer leaders who are effectively making disciples of the next generation and teens are inviting their friends. While our facility can accommodate continued growth in various areas, we are simply running out of space for our youth ministry. They currently have one dedicated room for High School students (Room 208) and another room for Middle School students (Room 206/207) that doubles as an academic classroom for Summit Christian Academy during the week. Our staff who invest in youth have also made do for many years now with limited and shared office space. This has made it challenging for them to engage in lesson preparation and also to have the privacy to counsel a teen or talk with parents about sensitive matters that can sometimes come up. Summit Christian Academy, which is a ministry of our church, is also effectively discipling the next generation on how to discern truth, articulate their faith, and serve others to the glory of Jesus Christ. Their student body, which is made up of youth from a variety of churches, is growing. While Summit has put our modular buildings to great use as classrooms and offices for these past seventeen years, they are now well beyond their standard life-expectancy and need to be retired.

"We appreciate how emotionally healthy the leadership and volunteers are in how they approach youth ministry. They present the faith and model how to walk it out in practical ways. They are meeting kids where they are and helping to shepherd them to where God wants to bring them. It’s very exciting to be a part of."

What God Has Done

Our facility Story


The Chapel becomes an established independent church and begins having services at the Holiday Inn in Newport News.


We move to the Ramada Inn on Rt. 17, meet in an banquet room or the Inn Place bar, with baptisms in the hot tub. The core group solidifies and experiences growth.


The Chapel moves into rented commercial space located near the Hilton area of Newport News. The space had previously been a movie theater and a fitness center. Here we learn more about how to grow new ministries like Summit Christian Academy, how to cope with adversity through two fires, and how to view a facility as a ministry tool.


Finally, the Chapel moves into a facility, designed for ministry, that it owns. This leads to rapid growth and expanding ministries.


Extra parking is added along with modular classrooms to accommodate this growth.


More classrooms, a cafe, a kitchen, and a gymnasium are added.
"We have been incredibly blessed by PSM and the impact it has had on our oldest son. He came to saving faith and was baptized two summers ago after going on the EY2S trip with the youth. Experiencing that week of service and prayer in community with others his age had a profound impact on him and his excitement about the gospel. Since then, PSM has provided a community for him and his peers. They are beginning to invite others from their school and are forming a community of trust and belonging. It’s incredible to see." 

Jamie Kuehni | Parent

"This year we have seen our teenage daughter’s faith blossom. Under the incredible guidance of the PSM staff and leaders, she made a public decision to place her faith in Jesus Christ. We also have three younger children being shepherded in KidzMin and look forward to them participating in PSM in a few years. We are excited to witness the growing faith of our children alongside the PSM staff and leaders who are sharing the truth of God’s Word with them. We are so grateful for the men and women who regularly minister to our kids in beautiful and fruitful ways."

Todd & Haley Campbell | Parents

Where God Is Leading

A Two Story Addition

A two story addition to the back of our building would accommodate growth and would also serve as a strategic advancement in how our building can function as a tool to help us make disciples for generations to come. This addition has been part of our master plan for the facility for many years and in January of 2024, our church membership affirmed that now was the time to pursue it.

First Floor Plan

The first floor is primarily designed to meet the needs of Summit Christian Academy (SCA) but will also serve the broader ministries of the Chapel as well. It will provide Summit with what they need to improve the quality of the educational experience that they offer to disciple the next generation to love God with their minds. It will also provide more flexible space for Discipleship Classes, ministry meetings, and KidzMin growth. Handicap accessible individual bathrooms will also help us to be a more accessible church to those with varied needs.

Second Floor Plan

The second floor is primarily designed to meet the needs of our growing student ministry and staff team. It will provide our youth with a dedicated space that has been designed just for them so that they can continue to find a place to belong, believe, become disciples, and be used by God.
"Right now the youth spaces in the 200 hallway are bursting at the seams with so many kids attending on Sunday mornings. The building expansion will give Peninsula Student Ministries (PSM) a dedicated space for both High School and Middle School students to spread out so the ministry can continue to grow."

Chris Chappell  | Associate Pastor - Student Ministry (PSM)

What Is Needed

Our Financial Need

This expansion is expected to cost $4 million and take about one year to complete. Summit Christian Academy, has committed to pay for at least half of the expansion and has already raised over $800,000 through pledged gifts for this venture through its own capital campaign. In order to cover the other half of the expansion and our existing debt,

our goal with this campaign is to raise $3 million.

It is so exciting to see so many youth get plugged into church through PSM. Our kids have invited several of their friends from school who don’t regularly go to church. Many of them continue to attend PSM and now profess Christ as their Savior! It has also been very exciting to see these friends bring their parents to PCC on Sundays and watch whole families get plugged in. The added space will allow deeper and more intimate conversations about Christ and individual faith to occur. These conversations are vital to growing our youth and helping them navigate the turbulent teen years with Christ on their minds.

Jason & Therese Loe | Parents

"I see students grow spiritually at PSM. The enemy consistently loses his grip in the lives of those who attend. I've seen shy and stressed-out students loosen from their anxieties; distracted teens refocus their minds on the Kingdom; and compassionate friends shed tears with struggling peers. I'm especially grateful that my daughter has had the opportunity to use the gifts God gave her on the Youth Worship Team where Jesus is pondered and praised!"

Christina Everman | Parent & PSM Volunteer

How You Fit In

Join Us in the Journey

We would love for you to join us in our Next 40 journey. It is our hope that God will use this initiative to not only further equip the church with the facilities we need to carry out what he has called us to, but that he will also use it to grow us in our faith.

The first thing you can do is pray.

Please pray for this initiative by joining us at special Next 40 prayer meetings but also by including it in your own devotional prayer times. Please pray about your giving. If you have never really thought much about how God relates to your finances, we would encourage you to read and pray through the Generosity 20-day devotional that we have made available. If you did not receive a copy, you can pick one up from the PCC Office.

The second thing you can do is give.

It is important that giving to this initiative does not hinder giving to Local and Global Ministry, so we are asking you to consider giving over and above your regular giving in order to support this ministry through the duration of this campaign. Please pray over, complete, and submit an Intent to Give card in-person or online.
Summit Christian Academy plans to build the first floor addition as soon as they are able. How much of the second floor we build in addition to that depends upon how much we can expect to be given. So, it is imperative that if you plan to give towards this initiative that you let us know how much you hope to give towards it by submitting an Intent to Give card.
O God, from my youth you have taught me, 
and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. 
So even to old age and gray hairs,
O God, do not forsake me,
until I proclaim your might to another generation, 

your power to all those to come.

Psalm 71:17-18