Lynn Lepsch

Finances / Bookkeeping

Where Are you from?

I'm a Virginia native -- born in Hampton, VA and have lived here my whole life.

Where did you go to School?

I graduated from Tabb High School and attended what was Thomas Nelson Community College.

Who is your family?

I am married to Roger, my husband of almost 39 years. We have 2 grown sons and our eldest lives in Orlando, FL and our youngest is living in Waynesboro, VA with his sweet wife of almost 4 years along with their dog Jameson.

what do you enjoy most about your role at the chapel?

I really enjoy being able to watch God's hand at work with using the funds that we receive to do His purpose. Working with our awesome staff just brings joy and it doesn't make my job feel like work.

fun fact:

I have a really good memory for faces. I have lived here my whole life and attended many schools even though we'd only do local moves. I assisted one of the ladies that used to attend here, move from her apartment at the Chesapeake into a Memory Care unit room and I recognized her nurse from my 3rd grade class. We all got a great laugh because most people can't remember folks they knew from high school but she had made an impression on me since she came from Hawaii into my classroom and at that age, that just seemed really "cool."