Sunday, march 17 - Sunday, march 24, 2024

Why hold a global ministry conference on the next generation?

  • The Bible tells us it’s a natural response for those who know Him - One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts (Psalm 145:4).
  • God designed humanity with generations in mind. He is honored when one tells the next how great He is and the value of living for Him. In this sense Psalm 145:4 is both an observation and a command.
  • With the fall of man came conflict, including intergenerational conflict. The church has the privilege of demonstrating intergenerational care and unity.
  • The Chapel has been blessed with dozens of Gen Z men and women, with four global ministry partners and a staff member focused on this generation, and with a congregation eager to befriend, serve and send Gen Z out with the Gospel.

As you’ll see on this webpage, all our ministries will have a Next Gen focus during the conference. Read it and plan your week around it. Let the Lord grow your desire to commend his works to the next generation.

Conference Schedule of Events

saturday, march 16

Pre-Conference Prayer | 10-11AM | Dave & Sally Lott’s Home (832 Olive Drive, NN, VA)
Join others to pray Psalm 145:4 for our upcoming conference, that one generation will be commending His works to another and declaring God’s mighty acts. Come early for coffee, PRAY, then stay for a bowl of chili!

Resource to Read in Advance
Please read 10 Fun Facts About Gen Z You Need to Know by motivational speaker Karen McCullough. It offers a succinct description of Gen Z, one that captures insights from several experts. While nothing is ‘definitive’ of any generation, this article is recommended as a starting point for discussions this month.

sunday, march 17

Prayer for the Conference | 8:30AM | Room 201
Join us as we pray for the Conference, that we might understand and celebrate God’s plan for the generations.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 9AM | PCC
  • KidzMin 4th and 5th graders hear from Bridge Builders how to engage local immigrant population
  • PSM middle school and high school students examine Nehemiah to grasp the importance of being a confessing community, one that makes the gospel plausible to their generation. Eric Gambardella challenges Middle Schoolers to engage their culture wisely. CN shares with 9-12th graders what it means to trust God with your life, even when He changes what we thought the plan was. (Room 207)
  • Discipleship Class: Why Gen Z is God’s Gift to the ChurchTaught by: Sarah Powell | Hosted by: Melissa Sherbenske | Room 202 | Millennials, Xers, Boomers and the Silent generations can lose sight of the strengths God has wound into Gen Z. Campus staff member Sarah Powell shares from first-hand experience some of their strengths, how Scripture calls the church to embrace this generation, and how we can build on their strengths.
  • Discipleship Class: Your (Alpha) Children and Gen Z: Some cautionsTaught by: Brandi Rawls | Hosted by: Megen McMichael | Room 204 | Gen Z will have more impact on the Alpha generation than any other. As a campus minister familiar with Gen Z and a mother of an Alpha herself, Brandi has a special interest in this topic. While appreciative of its strengths she is able to offer cautions about Gen Z culture and its influence on your child.
  • Worship Service Ministry Report: Hear from two CNU students what it means to be Gen Z and what role the church can play.
  • Sermon: The Next Generation: Psalm 145:4 | Matt Powell (Director of College Ministry)

Global Partner Connection | 10:15AM | Foyer
Form a Partnership with Global Partners and campus ministers Eric Gambardella (InterVarsity) and Brandi Rawls (Campus Outreach) and explore Opportunities for global ministry with Chapel partners R & D (CA), CN (West Asia) and Dave and Cindy Hahne (Serve the City - local and international).

Sunday Morning Highlights | 10:45AM | PCC
  • KidzMin large group worship learns about the different generations, how world events shape our understanding of the world, and how we can love and care for other generations better when we understand them.
  • Discipleship Class: Gen Z at the Movies (A prequel to this evening’s seminar, see below) - Taught by: Eric Silverman | Room 202 | This hour will help you get the most out of the seminar and prepare you to engage Gen Z over its cinematic culture.
  • Discipleship Class: A Four Chapter Gospel for all Generations - Taught by: Mark Shaw | Room 204 | Whatever generation you belong to or want to communicate with, you’ll find a four chapter Gospel will connect.
  • Europe/PNG/Americas monthly prayer: Pray for God’s work among Gen Z in three regions of the globe where we have partners. | Hosted by: Sally Lott | Room 201
  • Worship Service Ministry Report and Sermon same as 9AM

Global Partner Connection | 12:00PM | Foyer
Form a Partnership with Global Partners and campus ministers Eric Gambardella (InterVarsity) and Brandi Rawls (Campus Outreach) and explore Opportunities for global ministry with Chapel partners R & D (CA), CN (West Asia) and Dave and Cindy Hahne (Serve the City - local and international).

Men’s Ministry Fundraiser | 12:00PM | Main Entrance
The Men’s Ministry’s Holy Smokers are raising funds to support our Global Partners working on local and regional campuses. You can join the effort by purchasing a container of fine tasting, slow cooked pulled pork on your way out.  

Luncheon (for Gen Z only) | 12:15PM | Café
Meet a PCC person already in the career field you are considering or are now in. Each presenter will share what and why they do what they do (in 4 minutes) then you’ll have 30 minutes to sit and chat with the one most relevant to your career interests. Pulled pork is provided by the Men’s Ministry.

Gen Z at the Movies | 6-7PM | Room 208 | Led by Dr. Eric Silverman
Dr. Eric Silverman has taught Gen Z as a professor in the philosophy department at CNU since the generation started reaching college age around 2014. He regularly teaches a course using contemporary films to help students to think about the world. This seminar features movie clips that offer insight into the Gen Z culture for which they were created – Eric helps us better understand the generation through its films. He has authored six books and numerous academic publications in ethics, psychology, philosophy of religion, and popular culture. His Summer Interest Group on films here at the Chapel is an annual favorite.

throughout the week

Home Groups
Home Groups will include time to reflect on our conference verse - One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts. (Psalm 145:4) - and pray for our global partners as they engage with Gen Z internationally.

Tuesday, march 19

Prayer with Partners | 6:30-7:30AM | Hall C
Pray with Eric Gambardella and Sarah Powell. Come when you can, leave when you must. Coffee, donuts, and time to chat with Eric and Sarah afterwards.

friday, march 22

KidzMin Dinner and Training | 6-8PM | PCC Gym
Join KidzMin Volunteers and learn about the importance of serving and investing in the NEXT GEN. The night will cover how to impact GEN Alpha and how GEN Z has a significant cultural influence on GEN Alpha. The evening will include dinner, fun entertainment as well as specific volunteer training. Childcare will be provided with an RSVP. Please register to attend by March 20 allowing our team the ability to prepare accordingly. *Additionally, we are seeking volunteers willing to help on the night of the event. Contact Amanda Smith if you are willing to help.

saturday, March 23

Tidewater Cru Spring Gathering | 2-8PM | Halls A, B and C
We will be hosting the Tidewater Cru Spring Gathering, open to all college-age young adults! Students from W&M, CNU, ODU, NSU, VPCC and other local colleges will enjoy FUN, fellowship, worship and rich gospel content shard by Shelby Abbott. Volunteers from PCC are needed to help welcome students, serve food and to donate snacks and financial gifts that go towards the cost to host and give away resources.  All volunteers are welcomed to attend the sessions. This time will be a blessing to college students, Cru staff, and the Chapel as we host, invest in, and serve in this age demographic. Please contact Matt or Sarah Powell for more information (;

sunday, March 24

Prayer for the Conference | 8:30AM | Room 201
Join us as we pray that the Lord would give PCC the privilege of sending Gen Z to the world.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 9AM | PCC
  • PSM middle school students get to know local Cru campus worker Sarah Powell and hear why their generation is God’s gift to the church.
  • PSM high school students hear Brandi Rawls’ challenge to prepare for the college and work world they’ll inherit from today’s 18–22-year-olds.
  • Discipleship Class: Mental Health and Gen Z - Taught by: Lori Throupe | Hosted by: Dave Lott | Room 202 | Lori’s 15 years between student success and teaching in the college classroom have given her a front row seat at how college age students express and understand their needs. Join in heartfelt concern, conversation, and prayer regarding mental health needs and how the gospel addresses them.
  • Discipleship Class: Social Media’s Impact on Gen Z - Taught by: Eric Gambardella, InterVarsity staff trainer and campus worker. Hosted by: Mark Suiter | Room 204 | Eric has observed and studied the effect social media is having on this generation. He offers not only critique but advice on how to help navigate the challenges. Parents of Gens Alpha and Z will find this class helpful.
  • Worship Service Ministry Report: Global Partner John Rippy, InterVarsity Regional Director for western Virginia shares encouraging news on how Gen Z is being sent from the campus to the world.
  • Sermon: Sending Gen Z | Shelby Abbott (author, campus minister and conference speaker on staff with Cru)

Global Partner Connection | 10:15AM | Foyer
Form a Partnership with Global Partners and campus ministers John Rippy (InterVarsity) and Sarah Powell (Cru) and explore Opportunities for global ministry with Chapel partners C and M (EA) and Bridge Builders (Middle East / Local). Explore summer short term trips to Japan, New York and Poland.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 10:45AM | PCC
  • Discipleship Class: Sharing the Gospel with your Gen Z child, friend, co-worker or neighbor- Taught by: Brian Barnett | Hosted by: Charlie Carmichael | Room 202 | Brian has served as the team leader for the campus ministry of Cru in Southeast Virginia for 18 years. Evangelism is his passion; Gen Z is his field. Learn how to communicate effectively with this generation.
  • Discipleship Class: Sending Gen Z: Why and How - Taught by: John Rippy, InterVarsity regional director for western VA. Hosted by: Abby Grimes | Room 204 | Hear the strengths this generation brings to the task of global ministry. Discover what role you can play in sending them into the task.
  • East Asia/Japan monthly prayer: Hear about the college age trip to Japan this summer then pray for it. Meet folks with a special heart for East Asia and pray for believers under pressure there. | Hosted by: Sally Lott | Room 201
  • Worship Service Ministry Report and Sermon same as 9AM

Global Partner Connection | 12:00PM | Foyer
Form a Partnership with Global Partners and campus ministers John Rippy (InterVarsity) and Sarah Powell (Cru) and explore Opportunities for global ministry with Chapel partners C and M (EA) and Bridge Builders  (Middle East / Local). Explore summer short term trips to Japan, New York and Poland.

Lunch & Roundtable Discussion | 12:15PM | Café
All are welcomed to lunch featuring Cru staffers Shelby Abbott and Brian Barnett holding a roundtable discussion with a handful of Gen Z students on issues relevant to this generation, including the role of the church. The roundtable is followed by Q/A from any in attendance. The lunch is provided by Women’s Ministry. Reservations not required.

Chapel Global Ministry Partners working with Gen Z as Campus Ministers

Eric gambardella
Eric serves as a Campus Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Virginia Peninsula Community College in Hampton and Williamsburg, and Christopher Newport University in Newport News. His primary role on campus is to equip student leaders to lead in Bible study and evangelism. Eric is also the Scripture Engagement Coordinator for the Virginia Region where he uses his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies to help other Campus Ministers get the Bible into a generation of students who grew up with little awareness of what is in the Bible, much less its relevance to their lives.

brandi rawls
Brandi works as the East Coast Network Women’s Development Coordinator for Campus Outreach. She works with staff to provide training, coaching, curriculum, and encouragement to better leverage them for impact on the college campus. Her husband Jay and son John Henry keep Brandi going!

john and charlotte rippy
John oversees campus work at The University of Virginia, James Madison University, and Shenandoah University. He is also working to establish new witnessing communities of campuses that do not currently have a ministry presence. The Rippys were a vital part of PCC for several years before moving to Richmond to accommodate John’s regional travel. Grace, Emma and Revell keep them hopping!

Sarah Powell
Sarah is on CRU staff primarily at Christopher Newport University. She is passionate about seeing lost students find hope and freedom in the gospel. CNU is a launching pad for many future leaders, doctors, politicians and business people. One of Sarah’s greatest desires is to see God shift the course of students’ lives as they learn what it looks like to be Christ-centered laborers, whether in their profession or in their community.

Next Steps

So, God spoke to you during the conference. He’s nudging you to somehow be a part of what He is doing in His world. Following are a few steps you might take to join His work. Contact Global Ministry Chair Hannah Wissmann or a Pastoral Staff Member for details on how you could participate.

  1. Find out how you could assist Matt Powell as he shapes the Chapel’s ministry to students and other Gen Z adults.
  2. Attend the ‘Americas’ Prayer time each third Sunday at 10:45AM. You’ll hear the latest college ministry updates and reasons to celebrate. Then you’ll join a team that takes them all to God in prayer.
  3. Consider going or sending someone else (especially a Gen Z) on a short-term trip this summer.
  4. Commit to praying for a campus ministry global partner you met or at least heard during the conference. Their contact info is in this brochure. Ask for regular updates and write or call now and then.
  5. Support a campus ministry global partner you heard or got to meet.
  6. Commit to pray for one college student or another Gen Z weekly from April to September. Use the below commitment form, fill out the online form at, or use the tear off in the bulletin and deposit in one of the black drop boxes located around the building, or text Sally Lott at (757) 243-6563.

More About Global Ministry at PCC

Global Ministry Team

Because we believe so deeply in God calling us to global ministry, especially in the unreached areas of the world, PCC’s Global Ministry Team strives to educate, motivate and equip our congregation to play a part in what God is doing on a global scale. We oversee the sending and supporting of our Global Ministry Partners and our annual short-term trips. Our Global Ministry Team includes Hannah Wissmann (Chair), Tom Kenney (Global Ministry Pastor), Carol Bryant (Admin), Dan Scherbenske, David Lott, Lois Shaw and Ryan Bradley.

Global Ministry Task Forces

Our Global Ministry Task Forces exist to help focus the congregation of PCC on how God is calling the church to spread the good news of Jesus locally and globally among all peoples. We have three task forces with a specific focus on our three unreached people groups. They are the Central Asia Task Force, the Kenya Task Force, and the M-People Advocacy Team. Friends of Refugees help us to care for local internationals and the Global Ministry Partner Care Task Force is made up of all the Advocates who support our Global Ministry Partners.

Global Ministry Partners & Advocates

Global Ministry Partners are people that we formally send out to engage in intentional vocational ministry. There are two classifications of Global Ministry Partners: Associate and Primary. Primary Global Ministry Partners are ones sent from the Chapel and/or are serving in areas the Lord has directed to give special attention to. They receive greater levels of visibility and prayer support from PCC and they submit to more significant levels of accountability. We currently support 49 Global Ministry Partners who are doing ministry in over 13 different countries spread across 6 continental regions. About half are Primary and half are Associate. Every Global Ministry Partner has an official Advocate here at PCC who serves as a vital link between the congregation and the Global Ministry Partner whether they are on the other side of the world or here locally. Due to security reasons, not all of our Global Ministry Partners can be featured on the website or in paper publications.
For more information about our Global Partners and Global Ministry at PCC, visit our website -