Giving Categories / Funds at PCC

Local Ministry Fund

This fund is used to support the local ministry of PCC. Money given to this fund supports things like the children’s & youth ministries, local outreach, adult education, home groups as well as operating costs like facilities, staff and equipment.

Building Fund / Beyond These Walls Capital Campaign

This fund is used to cover facility construction costs. It is currently being used to pay off the debt owed on the facilities at PCC. This happens through payment of the regular monthly mortgage as well as extra payments towards the principal of the loan as giving allows. The Beyond These Walls Campaign is our current capital campaign aimed at debt reduction.

PCC Global Partners

PCC Global Partners are people who were/are PCCers who followed a calling to global ministry and are currently serving in that capacity around the globe. Through this part of the donation page you can directly support individual partners. PCC collects the donations to our partners and forwards 100% of what is given to the partner’s sending organization.

Local Needs

This fund is used to cover needs in the local community that aren’t included in PCC’s local ministry fund budget.
  • Helping Hand – benevolence fund that is used to support PCC members/regular attenders and their ministries to the local community with short-term emergency needs
  • Summit Christian Academy – the classical Christian school that PCC founded. Upper school (grades 7-12) meet at PCC while the grammar school (K4-6) meets at another local church.
  • Staff Development Fund – this fund supports PCC staff through special short-term needs like seminary training, sabbaticals, etc.
  • Seminary Fund – this fund is used to provide scholarships for people who attend PCC who are pursuing a college-level degree in a ministry related field – pastor, global partner, etc.
  • Capital Improvement & Reserve - this fund is used to set aside money for both expected and unexpected repairs / upgrades / replacements for the facilities at PCC. Roof repairs, HVAC replacements, etc. are the types of things that this fund finances. It is also used as a financial reserve for shortfalls in the Local Ministry Fund should they occur.

Global Needs

This fund is used to cover broader global ministry needs that aren’t covered through support to PCC global partners.
  • Global Ministry General Fund – this fund is used to build awareness of the needs/opportunities in global ministry in the congregation at PCC and is managed by PCC’s Global Ministry Team (GMT). This fund covers things like annual global ministry conferences, the global ministry website, pastoral visits to PCC global partners, etc.
  • Kenya Task Force (KTF) – this fund supports the work of PCC’s task force focused on Kenya. PCC is partnering with a church in Nairobi, Kenya called Karen Community Church (KCC) and regularly sends short term teams to Nairobi to help with the vast spiritual, medical and educational needs there. Donations to this fund provide things like scholarships for children in Kenya, medical assistance, etc.
  • Aweer Ministry (Kenya) – the Aweer are an unreached people group on the coast of Kenya that PCC & KCC are trying to reach through a missionary couple that is committed to this people group. This fund supports the work of this couple (names & location withheld for security reasons).
  • MAT (East Asia) – this fund supports the work of PCC’s task force that is focused on reaching the unreached “M” people group in East Asia. MAT is short for 'M People Adoption Team'.
  • CATF (Central Asia) – this fund supports the work of PCC’s task force that is focused on reaching an unreached people group in Central Asia. CATF is short for 'Central Asia Task Force'.
  • STINT – this fund supports sending PCCers on short term global ministry internships in the various PCC chosen focus areas of the world. STINT is short for 'Short Term Internship'.
  • Friends of Refugees (FOR) – this fund supports the work of a team at PCC that is focused on ministering to refugees in the local community.

Other/seasonal categories

During various times of the year, other giving opportunities will appear on the PCC online giving page. Among them are:
  • Short Term Global Ministry Trips – PCC sends teams to support PCC global partners and/or reach focus areas. Typical trips include: East Asia B City (the city where Chip B & Evalynn L work); Serve The City (connected with the work of Carlton & Shannon Deal in Brussels, Belgium); Kenya (medical and leadership development trips to Nairobi, Kenya area); Japan (assisting PCC global partners Rob & Yoko Taylor with English camps) as well as others. Giving to these trips helps to pay for the travel expenses of the team members. More information on current trips can be found at:
  • Christmas Gift – every December the elders at PCC designate several projects as recipients of a special offering collection during the Christmas season. Giving to this fund enables one-time gifts to these projects. Past examples include providing a truck for a global partner couple to enable their ministry; scholarships to conferences for young adults; etc.