Christmas Gift 2023

Celebrating Our Gift-Giving God

Christmas reminds us of how giving our God is. For God so loved . . . He gave. At Christmas He gave us His only Son! His gift-giving is the reason why we give gifts to each other during this season. It is also the reason why we invite you every Christmas to join us in giving to initiatives that are on God’s heart. Our Christmas Gift has two types of gifts: Equipping and Building. This Advent, as we learn about ordinary people who put their faith in an extraordinary God who became man, we hope you will join us in celebrating His gift by giving joyfully to the causes identified here. If you have children, talk with them about these purposes. Read and pray over each one and ask God to increase your faith in Him this Christmas season as we get the chance to give to others.


Addressing Urgent Needs of our Global Ministry Partners - $30,000

Earl and Lucille live as ambassadors for the Gospel among the Aweer people of coastal Kenya. The Aweer are an unreached people group who live in remote villages separated by rough terrain. Earl and Lucille need a truck to help them continue to visit and minister to the Aweer. Their last truck was used well. It frequently served as a relief vehicle and ambulance, bringing food to villages during times of famine and rushing people from the villages to the hospital in medical emergencies. It was totaled when Earl was struck in a collision in July. In partnership with other churches and Summit Christian Academy, we would like to help them purchase a gently used truck to aid them in their continued ministry. $20,000 from the Christmas Gift will help them get a new vehicle.
In October, three of our Global Ministry Partners to East Asia had to suddenly exit the country that they have lived and worked in for many years. Increasing security concerns led their sending agency to decide to pull them out. They had to make this move with very little notice and what is next for them is uncertain. They are all here in Virginia with us now, but we would like to help them cover some of the unexpected resettlement costs that come with such a sudden move. $5,000 would help to cover these costs.
Carlton and Shannon Deal are some of the Chapel’s longest serving Global Ministry Partners. Thirty-one years ago, we had the joy of sending them to Europe where they are forming and reproducing followers of Jesus, leaders, and missional expressions of the church. They recently discovered that Shannon needs some significant dental work. Part of sending well means caring well for our Global Ministry Partners when substantial needs like this come up. $5,000 would be a significant help to covering the cost of this work.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Hope and Healing - $10,000

Jesus indicates in Matthew 25 that what we do to the least of these, we do unto Him. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, nearly 6 million Ukrainian refugees have fled across Europe. 1.5 million of those refugees have ended up in Poland, increasing the population of cities like Krakow by 23%! For the past year and a half, a partner church of Serve the City in Krakow has been receiving 75 Ukrainian refugees at day (1,500/month) and providing them with meal packages that contain Bibles and Scripture readings. They are planning a large Christmas outreach to the Ukrainian community where practical support will be provided and the Gospel will be shared. $10,000 will help them to put on this event and extend their monthly ministry.

Improving and Expanding Outdoor Recreational Areas at PCC - $20,000

After Sunday morning worship services, Mom2Mom events, or Women’s Bible Studies the PCC playground is often full of kids joyfully playing while adults fellowship nearby. On a hot summer day, those adults are usually huddled under what limited shade there is. A shade canopy at the playground would help alleviate this problem and make it a much more appealing place to gather. The need for shade is also extremely apparent during the various churchwide events that happen on the lawn during warmer months like the Summer Interest Group Expo and summer picnics. A picnic pavilion would provide a place to eat in the shade for such events and for Summit Christian Academy students during the school week. $20,000 would take a significant bite out of the cost for these projects.


Beyond These Walls Building Fund

Thirteen years ago, we expanded our building to provide needed space for a growing church and school. Through that expansion, God gave us the café, the kitchen, the gym, and the 200 hallway. God has worked in those spaces in powerful ways to help us make disciples who know His joy and change His world. Your giving will help us to make a major advance in paying down the remaining debt for that expansion. We want the amazing ministry that is happening in this facility not only to continue, but also to expand beyond these walls, into our hearts, our community, and the world. The sooner we minimize this debt, the sooner we will be able to invest in other needed brick and mortar expansions.

Giving Information

Please use one of the Christmas Gift giving envelopes (or a white giving envelope with “Christmas Gift” written on the outside) or give online. You can indicate which emphasis you’d request your gift to be applied to by indicating either ‘Equipping’ (Addressing Urgent Needs of our Global Ministry Partners, Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Hope and Healing, Improving and
Expanding Outdoor Recreational Areas at PCC) or ‘Building’ (mortgage pay off) on the envelope or website. However, if you give by check, please do not designate specific projects on your actual check. The total amount given to the ‘Equipping’ project group will be allotted among the three projects at the discretion of the elders. If you have questions about giving to the projects, please contact the Chapel office at

All donations are subject to the guidelines and procedures outlined in Peninsula Community Chapel’s Gift Acceptance Policy. Copies of the policy are available in the Chapel Financial Office or online. All donations to PCC are completed gifts which will be used, directly or indirectly, to advance the charitable and religious purposes of PCC and will only be received and expended for ministry projects previously budgeted and approved by the Board of Elders, with the donor designated preference among the various ministry projects being honored wherever possible.